The exclusive rewards programme that grants you access to whole lot of goodness just for sticking with us, including discounts, early access to new drops. Plus, you’ll bag yourself 500 points* just for signing up – phwoar…what are you waiting for?

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How to earn points

Earning points is easy. You’ll score 500 points just for joining the programme.

You’ll also earn points when you:

700 Points = Rs100

Get 700 points on Purchase

500 Points

Get 500 Points on Sign up

1000 Points

Get 1000 points on referring someone.
(You will get when he will make an Account)

100 Points

Get 100 points on Facebook page like

100 Points

Get 100 points on Twitter Follow

100 Points

Get 100 points on Pinterest Follow

100 Points

Get 100 points on Instagram Follow​


How much does the points cost? How can i use them?

The 700 points are equal to Rs100. When the points get increased the money gets also increased. You can use them as cash discount on the product checkout page.

How do I get my 500 Points on sign up?

You’ll receive 500 points just for joining which can then be redeemed in Checkout page.

How do I earn points?

All kinds of ways! Primarily you’ll earn points through your purchases, but there are other ways too like following our social media and referring your friends. You can find more info on how much you earn for each action further up this page, or within the Points area of your account.

Why i didn’t get points on like and follow your social accounts?

You will have to signup before and send us the email or whatsapp message after Like or Follow us on social accounts with your UserID on our site. We will add them to your account manually.

Is there some kind of point limit?

Not at all.

How can I see my current points?

Once you’re logged in, you can see them in  the top of the rewards page. or within the Points area of your account page.

How do I spend my points?

Within the rewards panel in your account area there will be a dedicated “Get Rewards” tab, visit this and you will see the option to cash them in for the rewards available to your tier.

Do I get to keep the points earned if I return my order?

Nope, these will be removed from your account automatically

How do I refer a friend?

Within the points area of your account, there will be “Referral Link”. In there you can create shareable links they can use to join us. Important: They must place their first order through your link, otherwise you will not receive the credit. There are no exceptions to this rule to prevent abuse of our system.

If my friend cancels their order, do I still get the points?

Nope. The pending points will be removed.

What happens if I abuse the refer a friend scheme?

We regularly analyse and monitor the scheme for unusual behaviour and potential abuse. If we suspect you have abused the system to artificially gain points & rewards by using other addresses, we reserve the right to block your access to the rewards programme, reclaim all points and reclaim all currently unfulfilled rewards.